Everything you always wanted as a child but never got

Everything you always wanted as a child but never got

The leaves are falling, the last lawn cut is done, the garden tools are stowed away. Time to give more space to the passion of collecting in everyday life, think the collectors and stamp friends of neustadt. On sunday, 15. October, they offer a good opportunity for all lovers of tin toys, collectible figures, records and picture albums.
The collectors friends from neustadt invite to the 12. Figurine and tin toy borse a. From 9 a.M., haggling and trading will once again be allowed in the hall of the family center at schutzenplatz.
A wide range of elastolin and linoleum toy figures of all kinds, whether mass, plastic or stick figures, whether knights, cowboys, romans, or other genres awaits the visitor. Also the specialized collector will probably be found in neustadt. "Besides, there will be a rich offer of accessories and catalogs for lovers of these figures", chairman burkhard grempel is convinced.
Another area of collection, the second mainstay of the herbstborse, so to speak, are the rarities made of sheet metal that have been sought after for years. Childhood memories arouse the desire in many a collector’s heart, so it’s no wonder that cars, motorcycles, excavators, tanks and co. Making a new owner happy on this day.
Whether a collector is looking for specific companies, models, accessories and spare parts, the professionally well-informed suppliers will be able to help in many areas. Catalogs, price lists and advertising leaflets of the most different manufacturers round the offer off.

Suppliers from several circles

Besides the above mentioned collecting areas, the vendors, who by the way come from the counties of kulmbach, coburg and meiningen, will also present a rich offer for music lovers in the field of black discs. With records from abba to zappa, from folk to hard rock, from the shellac record to the single a wide arc of the offered rarities is spanned. In addition, there will be collectible pictures and albums from a period of around 1900 to 2015. So there is also in this autumn again enough opportunity to look for missing collector’s items.

The borse on 15. October will take place in the hall of the "family center at the schutzenplatz with free admission instead of. Open from 9 a.M. To 3 p.M. Of course, collectors’ items brought to the fair will be examined and evaluated as far as possible. A wide range of specialist literature is available for consultation and advertising copies of well-known trade journals are available free of charge as long as stocks last.

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