Dispute about the composting plant in medbach

Dispute about the composting plant in medbach

There was agreement on friday that the odor pollution in medbach caused by the nearby composting plant is strong in parts and that there is a need for action. But in the way, how one could jerk to the odor problem to fame, there ended the agreement among the district councils in the environmental committee.

As the frankischer tag reported on thursday, the county’s bio-waste and green waste recycling will be put out to tender again. Actually a standard procedure every eight to ten years. This time, however, there was a slight hitch in the decision-making process.

For the first time, the county wants to make enclosed composting of the biomull the criterion for which company gets the contract. However, this should only play a subordinate role in the tendering process. The main criterion remains the price of the offer. Points are awarded in a call for tenders. In this case: 90 points for the price the company makes, 10 points for the "criterion enclosure".

Everything stays the same?

This means that if a company does not have an enclosed composting facility, but it is the most favorable, it will still be awarded the contract. In medbach, this could mean: everything remains the same. The free electors had brought an enclosure into the game. This is "mandatory" because of the burden on the residents. The hope: the operator rusts the medbacher plant after. Odor away.

Hall is not a duty

But it is probably not that simple. This was presented yesterday by district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU). Sabine kogl from a consulting firm, an expert in the field of tenders, was invited as a guest. Enclosure cannot be made a mandatory 100 percent criterion in a europe-wide tender, says kogl.

On the one hand, because otherwise there is a risk that no private company can be found in the area that can afford it. On the other hand, because the previous operator could then claim a competitive disadvantage. In their opinion, the current operator cannot submit a bid because he may not be able to afford the construction of a hall. The result: you can’t impose a ban on a hangar.

Especially with and grunen contradiction aroused. "There is considerable criticism from the residents", said martin oberle (). Axel rogner () also insisted on a minimization of the odor pollution: "I would like to break a lance for the medbacher here. The odor pollution in some times is unbearable."

Kolbet talks himself into a frenzy

Christiane kolbet (grune) demanded that an enclosure be considered more strongly in the invitation to tender. "This plant in medbach stinks. And that in a godly way. I am surprised that the people of medbach have not yet taken to the barricades. Especially in the hot summer it was unbearable."

Rogner demanded that at least the maximum value should be set that only a company with a hall gets the contract. More than the ten percent is difficult, says the expert. Maybe 15.

District administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) kept trying to steer the debate back to the real issue – the invitation to tender. One is obligated to neutrality here.

He rejected kolbet’s accusation that he was taking sides with the current operator (CSU local council in aurachtal) as "impertinent" back.

The task is to make a legally sound invitation to tender, not to tailor any criteria to an assumed favorite candidate. "It’s not about the medbach plant today", also reminded hans lang (CSU).

The district administrator emphasized that this is the first time that enclosure has been made a partial criterion, even if it is not mandatory. Besides, you have to keep an eye on all county burghers. Any increase in the cost of disposal would have to be passed on in the fees.

The plant in medbach had been approved under emission control law. And if the biomull from ERH is not recycled there, then the operator will look for other biowaste. Gabriele klaubner (CSU) and gunter schulz (SPD) also pointed this out. "The question is: how can we help the burgers of medbach?? But that is not possible in a hurry", said schulz.

The district administrator, who also confirmed the odor problem in medbach, announced that the plant would be subjected to a general emissions test. However, this had nothing whatsoever to do with the invitation to tender.

What does the operator say?

The contents of the organic waste garbage cans are delivered to medbach and processed by kompostier-betriebs gmbh, which is based in munchaurach. The managing director is konrad kreb.

He is waiting to see what the tender will produce. He is interested in the details. So what exactly is an enclosure supposed to be. Here also the meeting of the environmental committee created yesterday no clarity.

"It is not done with a few side walls", says kreb with a view to his existing canopy.

Whether a hall at this location would make economic sense, he doubts. Was he voluntarily accommodating the county with an enclosure? "Theoretically, i do not want to exclude the possibility of a retrofit." But it would take "the right amount of preparation". He wanted to wait and see what specifications there might be.

A question of ecology

Would he continue to operate the plant if he did not receive the contract from the district?? "Self-evident", says the munchaurach resident. Whether it is particularly ecological to cart the local biomull 100 kilometers to a warehouse while it absorbs waste from 100 kilometers away is more than questionable .

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