A sense of finiteness

Markus haggberg

Georg's mother is in bad shape. Very bad. She says. She will die. So she suspects. She had a feeling, the older lady explained, that it would soon end with her. And she could finally rely on her feelings, said the twice-divorced woman, who now called her georg every evening to tell him how the world could go on after she had died.
George had experienced and heard of such things many times before, but his mother never died. But now they were sure. She was not directly in pain, but she had a feeling like that. At first, georg tried to reassure his mother, but the lady had dissolved and this was now worrying georg as well.
All kinds of examinations showed nothing, but then the doctor suggested to make an ECG. "You see, even the doctor says there's something wrong", so georg's mother with a mixture of resignation and triumph.
Then the time had come for the ECG appointment. Under stress, the heart was to be tested, and so the lady pedaled on her bicycle, and when she learned the diagnosis, it did not help to improve her mood. Mainly because the heartbeats were so far and age-appropriately in order, but their feeling just not. So now it took a long-term ecg to finally clear up everything: the heart, the pulse, the feeling. After 24 hours the result. It was devastating for the old lady. She could no longer hide her contrition. She called her son, and georg had never seen his mother like this before. She sobbed. And said, "imagine, I'm in a very bad way. They haven't found anything yet, that's how insidious my illness is."


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