22-Year-old gets a chance for preservation

22-year-old gets a chance for preservation

The accusations of trafficking and the acquisition of narcotics were dropped during the trial; the 22-year-old admitted the rest unreservedly. Juvenile court judge jurgen fehn sentenced the man from the southern district to a nine-month custodial sentence.
The accused and a companion bought drugs abroad five times between the fall of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. "I only used the drugs myself or got them for our clique, but I never sold them", he affirmed. Prosecutor michaela heublein also charged the 22-year-old with being in possession of a brass knuckle. In addition, the accused had in november 2011 in an argument another man first with a power expression, printed him later on the wall and printed a pocket knife against his belly. The defendant admitted to having completely overreacted under the influence of drugs.

Therapies only a partial success

The man, who also has a criminal record, has already undergone several therapies and detoxifications. However, he was not completely clean, he said. The assessment of his professional supervisor was positive: "the defendant is cooperative, he pays off his debts and keeps in regular contact with me." The youth welfare worker was "torn" about the matter.
Prosecutor michaela heublein acknowledged the efforts of the accused. She deemed a juvenile sentence of eleven months on probation appropriate. In addition, he should pay a fine of 2000 euros to charitable institutions. Defense attorney till wagler saw the latter differently. "My client is just getting his life together now. He has already paid off a large part of his debt", he said. A financial requirement would be counterproductive, which the juvenile court judge also saw as such.

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