Wild boar roasts spurred on

Wild boar roasts spurred on

In many areas of human life, climate change is becoming more and more noticeable. Even in the field of hunting, this has been proven by the year that has ended, he was to trace with serious effects.

Deer in particular suffered this year and the prolonged drought, and after having to travel quite long distances in search of water, there were many deer accidents. Yes, it even went so far that animals could be observed on the straw, as they licked up the morning dew.

The climate warming affects especially the hunting of wild boar. Because if there is no snow, it is difficult to track the sows and to determine their locations. Also with the bejagung itself the "female background" is missing, in front of which the black deer stands out with its dark rind. In order to keep the wild boar population at a yielding level, it is necessary to hunt for many hours.

Over the years, however, it has also proven to be an effective means of hunting wild boar with so-called pressure hunts across hunting grounds. Such a hunt took place around the kordigast and included the hunting grounds of burkheim, pfaffendorf and weismain, and in some cases reached as far as the jura mountains. The evening before it had snowed very lightly and it was quite dry, so that it was possible to speak of good hunting conditions. A large number of hunters gathered in front of the weismain building yard, together with many drivers, and were assigned to their respective stands by the hunt leaders manfred hofmann and frank will.

The hunters formed up in different groups and started from several places to pressure the wild boar out of their hunting grounds. The trained hunting dogs also took on their task with passion, naturally, in times of modern technology, equipped with GPS tracking devices on their collars. Several times their track sounds could be heard, when they came on a boar ride. Soon, the first shots of the jack echoed through the landscape, making it clear that, as everyone had hoped, wild boar could be caught in the hunting grounds.

Brought in by landing vehicle

Some of the herders were not badly surprised when, especially in the rocky parts of the hunting ground, the sows rose up a few meters away from them. Others saw whole packs moving through the hunting grounds. After about three hours it was over, and everyone gathered at the inn steinerne hochzeit on the kordigast.

Lentil stew was served to the hunters, and expectations could be felt everywhere as to how the hunting success of this day was to be evaluated. One by one, the hunters arrived with the sows they had brought along on trailers or in landing wagons. Soon it became clear that this district spanning pressure hunt was a complete success. Fourteen boars, fortunately mainly fresh and overrun, three wild boar and one sow, were on the trail, which manfred hofmann was particularly pleased about in his speech. He thanked on behalf of the participating district leaseholders all drivers as well as the hunters also for the fact that they had provided with much care for an impeccable and above all accident-free expiry. With a view to the route, hofmann also noted that pressure hunts over several hunting grounds are one of the most effective means of hunting wild boar. After a successful day of hunting was from the horns "hunt over" and the striking "halali to hear.

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