The advantages of a home office

The advantages of a home office

The corona safety inspections pose new challenges for commuters who now work from their own four walls. The children are at home, want to be employed. The computer monitor is much smaller than in the office. Instead of direct contact with employees and customers, it’s one phone call after another. But working in a home office also has advantages – and not just in the wallet.

Shift plan in the study

It usually takes karina brock 40 minutes to travel the 25 kilometers from buckenhof to the editorial office of the frankischer tag in hochstadt. But because the kindergarten is closed, she and her husband christian take care of the two children in their apartment at home. "He works from home, just like me. There’s a table in the bedroom that we now use as a shelf", says brock. This saves them around 100 euros in fuel costs per month.

"The equipment in the editorial office is more comfortable. I miss my two rough screens", she says. The brocks divide their improvised workplace into shifts: "one cooks dinner and looks after the children, while the other can work in the meantime, karina explains.

Almost smooth transition

For markus wittmann, mobile working is not new territory. The man from hochstadt works at the market research institute gfk in nurnberg and travels frequently for business appointments. "I regularly work from the road. That’s why the switch to the home office was no problem, says wittmann. He has his own study in his house.

Wittmann can now claim this as a tax deduction – employees who are unable to work in the office because of the pandemic can claim up to 1250 euros as income-related expenses.

More important to him, however, are the 45 minutes per trip that he saves each day. "Even if this time is currently being spent on more work", says wittmann.

Self-catering instead of a canteen

Gerhard reitsperger from hochstadt saves up to 220 euros a month. His commute to the siemens office in forchheim is about 25 kilometers. In addition, he pays about 120 euros for lunch in the company cafeteria. "I move around less, so the car doesn’t move either. Since I live alone, I take care of myself. Technically, everything works, even if working on the laptop takes longer than in the office", says reitsperger.

He even sees advantages in the constant video conferences: "I’m thrilled at how punctually all the employees take part in the video conferences every day. The day-to-day business runs smoothly."

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