Safe winter helmets for the whole family

Safe winter helmets for the whole family

For many bundesburgers, a winter vacation with the whole family is a special highlight of the year that many look forward to long in advance. When preparing for a trip in the snow, a few things should be taken into account, first and foremost the issue of safety. It is important to take care of the right equipment in time.

Helmet and skis must fit

A helmet, for example, is indispensable for everyone. The right example is available from the specialist dealer. The helmet must fit tightly on the head, but at the same time must not print. In addition, the ski goggles must match the helmet: the helmet should be flush with the goggles in the forehead area so that neither cold nor snow can penetrate.
After a serious fall, the helmet should be replaced, as its protective function is likely to be impaired. But even without an accident, stability and functionality deteriorate due to material degradation. Experts therefore recommend that helmets be replaced every three to five years. The risk of injury can also be significantly reduced by wearing back and torso protectors, which are available in a number of different variations. Especially for children, it is important that they learn to ski with the right skis.
Because children grow from season to season and the ski that fit last year may be too small this year.

Spab should be in the foreground for children

When children learn to ski, it's not just the equipment that matters, but also the environment. Children learn the sport in a playful way in good ski schools and kindergartens. Germany's skiing ace felix neureuther, slalom specialist and self-trained skiing instructor, agrees: "a good skiing instructor should teach children the joy of movement and skiing. The fun should be in the foreground." Parents can search the internet for family-friendly winter sports resorts. These offer discounted children's ski passes or family packages. Suitable ski resorts for kids are also characterized by family-friendly hotels and guesthouses. In many cases, the ski schools are directly connected to the hotels and are located close to the lift station.

Skis, boots and bindings – perfectly adjusted

Whether you're a pleasure skier or a sporty racer – the functional unit consisting of ski, boot and binding should always be individually adjusted to suit the skier. Sporty skiers, for example, are usually on the move at high speed. They need sturdy, tight-fitting boots. For beginners or recreational skiers, on the other hand, the most important factor is comfort, even over a long period of time: ski boots with a low flex and wider comfort lasts are the right choice for them. But here, too, the shoes must fit well and fit tightly to the foot, otherwise the transmission of power is not guaranteed.

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