Remmidemmi at the kerwatanz in buch

Remmidemmi at the kerwatanz in buch

It’s time to drop everything and celebrate life with one or more cold beers and enjoy the french cuisine, still exists today in the weisendorf district of buch. "All roads lead to buch, the center of the world", declared the bucher local boys and girls. Swaying and dancing, feasting and indulging – the 600-strong village once again lived up to its reputation as a kerwa stronghold. "Write: kerwa is blob amol im joahr" (kerwa is blob once a year), was dictated to the reporter.

The crowd of visitors since friday was the well-deserved reward for a brilliant joint effort of the village community and the inn sub. Many helpers from all over the village have been working for days to ensure the smooth running of the musical program and the catering. The bucher kerwa has long been a secret tip because of its cozy flair and the good cuisine alone.

With only one blow on the beer keg mayor heinrich sub opened the kerwa on friday.

Two days of party

Friday and saturday the young people flocked to the tent and there were two days of party. The perfect mix of the program was waiting for the guests, with which the musicians of "nachtschicht" performed and "moskitos inspire the crowds. At a late hour, due to overcrowding, there were as many visitors in front of the tent as in it, dancing and swaying.

On saturday two trees were brought to the village from the forest by mayor heinrich sub – one for the new generation and another one for the local boys.

On saturday the cover-rockband "motion-sound" rocked the crowd in the marquee until it shook. "Motion sound makes music for many tastes and ages: "i find motion sound even better than other bands that play at a kerwa on weekends", 18-year-old lena hassler tells us enthusiastically.

After so much remmidemmi and partying, it was time to pause for a while.

Traditionally, there is no tent operation in buch on sunday. The team of the inn has to satisfy the many food guests and the kerwaburschen and ortsmadle improve with the kuchle zamspielen their somewhat strained cash again.

The betz’n raustanzen is also a tradition in buch and takes place on kirchweihmonday. Folkloric with mark and nils from the "septembers the kerwa comes to an end today.

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