Now the power can freely fly

Now the power can freely fly

The new parish community of wiesentheid, stadelschwarzach and kirchschonbach could be seen on sunday in the st. Mauritius church in wiesentheid see and traces. Many altar boys from all three parishes, choir leaders, musicians, mesners, lectors, organists, senior leaders, scouts, liturgists, church administrators and, last but not least, many faithful from all three parishes were present.
It could not have been more fitting for the spiritual than the song "ein haus voll glorie schaute" ("a house full of glory looked") being allowed to enter the fully occupied parish church. Next to the host and now "boss out of ten gotteshausers, pastor peter gottke, domkapitular christoph warmuth was a special guest on sunday in wiesentheid, who also acted as main celebrant.
Gottke recalled that the parish community has existed and been lived for a long time. The first cooperations took place as early as 2005. Since october 2011, he has officially been pastor of the parishes of stadelschwarzach and kirchschonbach. "Today is also the day of the legal act of erection", he explained. "To ensure that everything is correct on paper, too." He described the official act as a sign of a new beginning and of a community that is growing ever closer together.
At the beginning of the service, domkapitular war-muth handed over the official charter of the diozese of wurzburg, signed by bishop friedhelm hofmann, to the three parish council chairmen sabine halbritter (wiesentheid), michaela schafferhans (stadelschwarzach) and bernd reitwiesner (kirchschonbach).
Different members of the three parishes filled together a glass balloon with water. "Just as the water mixes in the balloon, life in the new parish community should also mix and bring much strength", gottke wished.

Many joint projects

The growing community is already evident in more and more joint projects and activities. An example: the choir "venimus under the direction of johanna neuerer, with members from all three parishes singing. For the first time this year, fronleichnam was also celebrated together with a service in the schoolyard prichsenstadt.
"I am sure that we will succeed", said domkapitular warmuth at the end of the festive service.
The initiative for an ecclesiastical community of wiesentheid, stadelschwarzach and kirchschonbach came years ago from the wurzburg diocese, not least because of the problem of the shortage of priests. A contract on the cooperation had to be worked out in advance. In addition to pastor gottke, deacon karl leierseder, sister margit from the marienhaus kirchschonbach and the respective parish councils were very active here. In addition to the division of the services, when which parish is visited by the pastor, it is also regulated, among other things, what the parish community organizes and carries out together and what will continue to be carried out by each parish alone.

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