Nature is the trend

Nature is the trend

It is no longer the endless trips to spectacular theme parks that are the most popular with children from the administrative community of wiesentheid during the vacation pass. At the meeting of the helpers and responsible persons, josef laudenbach, who is responsible for the VG, emphasized that there is "a trend towards nature". Offers such as "experience nature" or "hike and barbecue" were usually fully booked.

Mysterious evening

The places for building bird nesting boxes or for the "mysterious bat evening", which will be offered again next year, are also in great demand. Local events are preferred to long journeys. "We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, these things only happen once a year, and the children look forward to them," said laudenbach.

In his report, he listed that this year 259 vacation passes for children between the ages of six and 14 were issued to the children of the four VG communities of abtswind, castell, rudenhausen and wiesentheid. 19 more than in the previous year. The basic price for the pass remained at 2.50 euros, the same as it has been for 30 years. The package also included five free tickets for the swimming pool in abtswind. The participating parishes contributed 1708 euros, which corresponds to 24 cents per inhabitant. 465 euro were received in monetary donations.

Organizer laudenbach as well as the mayors of the administrative community thanked the volunteers as well as the clubs and groups that contributed to the vacation pass program. In wiesentheid, this ranged from the women’s association to the fire department, the steigewald club, the sports clubs, the music and singing association, and the world shop. From the neighboring communities, the abtswind water rescue service and the steigerwald club in castell participated.

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