Musical encouragement

Musical encouragement

Of course, the audience and the musicians were sorry that the concert could not take place outdoors as planned. Finally, the event is called "songs in a parson’s garden". But the uncertain weather situation caused the whole thing to be moved to the parish hall. But that didn’t change anything about the power inherent in the mix of songs by well-known songwriters and erik konietzko’s own compositions. "No fists were flying and no one was unwell, good was winning hands down and every smile was genuine", as it says in hermann van veen’s "could you do magic"?.

Hungry for life and upbeat

For a long time now, erik konietzko has no longer been a blank slate musically. Anyone who knows him and has heard him play and sing alongside leon buttner and lena schmid as he did on saturday evening will know that he has two musical souls living in his chest. When he sings georg danzer’s "ruf mi ned o", the song is a musical expression of a love exchanged, a humorous introduction, or a declaration of love to franconia ("sambesi") by wolfgang buck. It is a vocal and instrumental expression of the hunger for life. Like his musical idols, the bad staffelsteiner also deals with more serious topics, ruttelt on. The ravaging of the human soul is nevertheless accompanied by an optimistic attitude.

Konstantin wecker’s "say no" appeal!" For example, an appropriate message carried to the approximately 70 listeners to intervene courageously and stand up in the face of injustice.

Konietzko had also included some of his own compositions in the concert. "Invisible about showing your true self and "over your shadow" that we often stand in our own way when we want to get involved in something new or tackle something that has been on our minds for a long time, but which we have not yet been able to decide to do. Premiere celebrated in the evangelisches gemeindehaus konietzkos "alle menschen suchen nach dem sinn" (all people search for meaning), a song in the genre of "spiritual songs.

Lena schmid and leon buttner, a former classmate, accompanied erik konietzko musically that evening. The audience’s enthusiasm was reflected in the fact that they demanded two encores.

Soon, namely on wednesday 4. September, erik konietzko performs again on the organ at the "bad staffelsteiner nachtmusik", which starts at 9 pm in the evangelic church of trinity. Lena schmid on the flute will also participate again.

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