More green, more “air”: nordhalben wants to upgrade its town center

More green, more 'air': nordhalben wants to upgrade its town center

Preparatory studies (VU) and some resolutions were part of the community council meeting. Stefanie birke, building office and city planning department nordhalben, gave a brief overview of the projects currently underway, such as nordhalben village, the polytec site (feasibility study, investigation of contaminated sites), neue gasse 46 (minor details still missing), roseninsel 30 (demolition, but land not as rough as planned), kronacher str. 7 (feasibility study), bahnhofstr. 11 (purchase, danger of collapse), lobensteiner str. 10 (hall weibes lamm, we reported earlier), kronacher str. 26 (to be demolished; problem, because it is partly used as a retaining wall), areal hertel (currently appraised). The projects kronacher str. 1, schlobbergstr. 9 and schwedengasse 3 + 5 are dormant.

More and more vacancies

Peter kuchenreuther from the office kuchenreuther architekten from marktredwitz went into the current situation especially of the town center of nordhalben. The main problem is the constant increase of vacant and threatened by short- to medium-term vacancy residential buildings. The town center is characterized by stately buildings along kronacher strabe and lobensteiner strabe with ensembles of sandstone buildings and traditional slate roofing. But a negative aspect here is the high degree of sealing in the town center. Along the two main streets, efforts should be made to preserve the visual axes and rows of houses as far as possible. In the adjacent side streets, however, reconstruction could be an important means of "airing out" the area into the neighborhoods that are often densely populated with adjoining buildings.

More reasons. Surface unsealing is also important on the two main streets to increase the attractiveness of the area. These urban development problems have already been addressed through various measures within the framework of the northeast bavaria challenge initiative. Through the VU, the market town of nordhalben wants to examine, against the background of the existing situation, the extent to which the town center in particular can be upgraded through various measures (enhancement of the public space, loosening of the building structure, and elimination or revitalization of vacant buildings). Whereby a jerky construction is not to be judged negatively from the outset. The buildings must be considered in detail.

Redensification, space constraints, dilapidated annexes – all these factors play a role. Attractive parcels can be created by removing individual buildings. This can prevent the migration to the "green meadow" to be stopped.

However, peter kuchenreuther explained that great importance should be attached to the preservation of the historically prominent structure of the village. The prominent streets and their buildings must be preserved with their edges and spatial boundaries. The market community, as the trustee of the vacant property, has a right of first refusal and can have a say in who acquires the vacant property and what is to be done with it. However, the municipality cannot buy up all the vacant houses; that would go beyond the financial framework, but it can explore possibilities of use and demand.

Unfortunately, peter kuchenreuther also had to realize that urban planning measures alone or. The instruments available within the framework of current demand programs will not be sufficient to trigger the necessary development impulses.

Therefore, based on the preparatory studies, considerations should be made as to how the challenges of this small municipality in the structurally weak rural area can be met. The government will be approached to ask for other possibilities of payment as before.

In the meeting it was unanimously decided to set the compensation for election workers at 40 euros, plus an additional 10 euros for each laptop used for digital payment.

It was unanimously decided to grant the subsidy of 1260.49 euros to the caritas association for the social station of steinwiesen. It is calculated from the number of inhabitants (1637) multiplied by 77 cents per inhabitant.

At the request of the free voters, it was decided to reimburse the cost of first aid courses (about 25 euros per person) for the men and women of the volunteer fire departments and volunteer pool attendants. The condition is that the costs are not reimbursed elsewhere. The decision was unanimous.

Tempo is to be reported

Joachim ranzenberger explained that in kups there is a collective order for solar-powered speed display boards and that one should like to join. After a short discussion it was decided to purchase a display board. The cost is 2138 euros complete with black box for evaluations. The board is to be used in various places.

Mayor michael pohnlein () informed that the castle assembly will be held on 20. February at 7 pm in the house of the guest takes place.

He also explained that the problems with the street lighting in the area of blumenstrabe 17/19 were due to a defect in the supply line. They are already taking care of it.

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