Kaiserslautern third again: 2-1 at ingolstadt

Kaiserslautern third again: 2-1 at ingolstadt

Behind them follow equal points karlsruher SC, union berlin and FC st. Pauli. Simon zoller (32./64.) turned the tide for lautern after ingolstadt’s lead through moritz hartmann (18.). The bavarians remain in the danger zone of the 2. League and still occupy 14th place. The teams in places 13 to 17 are separated only by goal difference.

Kaiserslautern coach kosta runjaic was overjoyed after ingolstadt’s final offensive: "we finally made up for a deficit and turned it into a win. With these unfortunate defeats in series, the victory was very important," said runjaic on TV channel sky.

Hartmann had the first chance as early as the second minute with a header and was successful with another unmarked header after a cross from caiuby. The altogether more active gaste missed through a direct shot by zoller (12.) and the free-standing mohamadou idrissou (21.) good chances, before zoller succeeded in following a corner by head his ninth goal of the season. Alfredo morales had to put ingolstadt back in the lead, but pushed the ball just past the post alone in front of goalkeeper tobias sippel (40.). Ingolstadt coach ralph hasenhuttl complains: "we lack calm at home in the decisive moments."

The promotion aspirant was optically superior also after the change, again zoller used the first chance. The attacker beat veteran andre mijatovic after a header from idrissou and completed the scoring. Ingolstadt was unable to match the good performance of the first half for a long time. Goalkeeper sippel did not have to save until a header by mijatovic (78.) intervene, more did not bring the eager home side in front of 10 354 fans to create.

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