Joyful parishioners celebrated margarethenkarmes

joyful parishioners celebrated margarethenkarmes

"First things come differently and secondly than one thinks …" Wilhelm busch once printed it like this. The sentence was fitting for the numerous worshipers of the margarethenkarmes in robfeld, it was fitting for the churchwardens who managed a rough service, and it was fitting for pastor meyer zu horste, now new as guest pastor, who had been looking forward to this service and had prepared it wonderfully. She wanted to leave neustadt at 1 p.M. So that she would be there in time for the service at 2 p.M. The situation was, however, that the service was already scheduled for 1 p.M., forcing two church leaders to make spontaneous interludes. Whereby … They did not feel forced, but developed an extremely creative potential. First the guests were allowed to listen to the wonderful sound of the bells for minutes, then a small organ concert by sonja putz, sovereignly ina reumann began the introduction and was in top form, the song board brought with the gospel "siyahamba" the first song of the evening the nave of the church was shaking, and certainly continued to do so for hours with great and visible enthusiasm. Prayer, reading and the ship called the congregation sailed back and forth in the harbor.

Just in time for the sermon, the pastor stood in front of the applauding congregation and was simply delighted that her pulpit address, which dealt with gifts, talents and each other, almost became a self-runner.
Around the church the festival continued happily, all the shady places were booked out in the scorching heat, the robfeld musicians kept the visitors in good spirits as always, while the youngest guests preferred paddling pool and boat. There were three winners in a quiz prepared by pastor meyer zu horste about the upcoming church board elections. The new KV candidates also introduced themselves and were asked three joke questions, which they answered in a cool and relaxed manner.
It was a good day, in the evening it was only a small pile when cleaning up, but the feeling that you have a lot of possibilities, if you tackle it together, can’t be compared with anything in the world. Sonja putz

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