Helios clinic returns to normal operations

Helios clinic returns to normal operations

Since last friday, the helios hospital in volkach has been gradually preparing for a return to normal operations and is once again offering elective treatments for patients.

Helios has developed an overarching concept that is being applied in all 86 clinics in germany, according to the press release. It regulates, for example, the distance in patient rooms and other clinic areas. In addition, a traffic light system has been established to mark the individual clinic areas.

In the green area, all "risk-free" visitors are welcome patients treated who have a negative covid test or come to the clinic with no symptoms and an unremarkable medical history. Patients at increased risk of covid infection are cared for in the yellow area of the clinic. Patients with unclear diagnosis are located here. In this area, single rooms and isolation measures are provided until a negative test result is obtained. Red areas of the clinic are reserved exclusively for the treatment of covid-19 patients.

Canceled ops are to be made up for

The helios klinik volkach, which specializes primarily in the treatment of patients with surgical and orthopedic diseases, is not scheduled to treat covid 19 patients by the disaster control department. According to the press release, there have been no corona-positive patients or employees at the hospital so far.

The operations canceled in the past weeks are now to be made up for successively. For this purpose, the team will contact the patients concerned in the next few days in order to schedule an operation.

The visiting regulations have also been relaxed.

Each patient may designate a person who may visit him during the hospital stay at the weekend. The visiting hours are saturday and sunday from 14 to 16 o’clock. A visit is limited to one hour. Outside these times, unfortunately, no visits are planned at present. Masks are mandatory for all patients, staff and visitors.

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