Great show with “wetten, dass…” -facilitators

Great show with

The quota was right – until well after midnight. There ran the blue boys as smurfs. The crazy dancers took the audience with luminous costumes into the world of the aliens. And the ladies of the ATS wartenfels came as kuhe – in spotted costumes and danced that it was a feast for the eyes. Heidi (markus tempel) and a marchenprinz (marco oertel) as well as three wild bulls, who were not stingy with their charms, provided real firecrackers at the cow dance.


The highlights were of course once again provided by the "gebruder pfarr, for they took a close look at the local scene – and made for real bruisers. Many a church secret was revealed.

Highlight was the mesner casting. With the words "habemus mesnera: emminentissima e belissima wartenfelsera: elisabethera panzera!" The purple cardinal (stephan melzer) finally cured the new mesnerin, played by manuela lindner. And the original – elisabeth panzer – was also allowed on stage and had a great time with the speaker.

Side hustle

The usual side blows to presseck could not be missing either. The jesters joked about wulff's home loan: "wulff, the blodl, for 500.000 euro he has all the presseck kricht." The fact that presseck wants to produce diesel from clear sludge was also discussed. "So the gemaa must become staareich, as much scheib as they sometimes make", commented the "gebruder pfarr", who rooted their mischievous contributions still with mad song inserts.

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