Forchheimer mauerscheiber meets sigmund freud

Forchheimer mauerscheiber meets sigmund freud

How should the former altstadtfest stay in the future?? The dispute has dominated public opinion for weeks now. In the editorial office, people are coming forward who insist that the name "mauerscheiber" should be used must never fall again. At the same time, the city is holding a vote that is being boycotted by the CSU, which wants to return to its old name.

This has called on wednesday the gastronomes on the plan. In an open letter to the "city representatives remind the seven landlords (losteria, arizona, stadtlockal, lubbis, zollhaus, parkcafe, elgringo) that the gastronomy financially bears the lowen share and "therefore also a say" expect. Host spokesman christoph kauer told the FT he could not understand the excitement: "the name mauerscheiber-fest was brought up by ulli raab during the conception of the tourism concept and was given rough approval there." In the open letter it says: "we see the current discussion, especially in the social media, quite critical and missing the actual point. We talk only about the name and not about the content and background of the product."

That so much of the "mauerscheiber" the speech is, surprises also city council paul nerb (FBF). "Not that forchheim had no other problems", he notes ironically and reminds of the town hall renovation or the "unclear purpose" of the kolpinghaus: "none of these objectively important projects has made such waves and provoked such bitter disputes as this attempt to name a festival."

Let freud speak

And because he is a psychiatrist by profession, paul nerb "tries to explain these unusual reactions" with the motivation theory of the "old master sigmund freud" to explain. Imagine the mental apparatus composed of three instances: it, I and uber-me. Whereby it is supposed to house the drives and motives, the I is supposed to be the home of reason and rational thought, and the uber-ich is composed of the norms and rules.

Based on this, paul nerb analyzes as follows: "when very surprisingly at the beginning of december the city manager presented the label mauerscheiber, the strong feelings of it were immediately addressed bypassing the i. With a few people the uber-ich loved this reaction and these could then also take the name at first. For most of them, there was an over-me dominance over it, with the result that the name was immediately rejected out of moral considerations. Some showed an almost inquisitorial behavior, which proves what strong feelings were at play, which had to be kept in check by an exaggerated seeming defensive behavior. "

The citizens’ survey, which then came into play, could be seen in this model of freud as a temporary "solution" nerb says: "in order to calm the uber-ich and not to risk any further conflict between it and the uber-ich, the planned citizen questioning can be seen as a solution."

In the course of the disputes that have continued to this day, the proponents of this provocative name initially seemed to be in the majority, observes nerb. Even during a test vote in the city council in mid december, this was still the case. Increasingly, however, the opponents gained the upper hand.

Probably because, as nerb suspects with joy, "processes of displacement have set in". The consequence: "the it, which in the beginning could be driven away by the fascination of the coarse, dirty, even obnoxious, was now pushed back by rational arguments of the i."

From a depth-psychological point of view, the divisive debate can therefore be explained as follows: "massive emotions have been triggered by it, but many of them are now being covered up again by rational, rational ego functions." Nerb also sees the speech by the mayor at the new year’s reception as evidence of this: "kirschstein, a supporter of the new name, avoided pronouncing the name mauerscheiber, probably to prevent a revival of the strong and divisive feelings from the past. He nevertheless placed this local problem, without calling it by its name, in the same league as global upheavals, but then emphasized the importance of reconciling dialogue in order to reduce tensions."

Just as in life, "strong emotions" also had an effect in politics, alongside rational considerations, says nerb: "these currents control each other and are difficult to understand, because they partly run unconsciously and speak different ‘languages’ and are therefore difficult to understand. Freud can help to recognize the underlying motives and to include them in one’s own actions."

The landlords, on the other hand, explain their actions in the open letter as follows: when the advertising association had canceled the old town festival in 2018, an instead festival was celebrated under the patronage of the city. "This was a unique solution." Then a committee from the "gastronomy" had created a completely new concept and presented it to the city council. This is not and should never be a new altstadtfest." In the future, pretty much everything will be new: the date, the music genres, and the involvement of educational institutions and retailers. "Despite the popularity of our proposed name mauerscheiber-fest, we do not consider ‘altstadtfest’ in any way worthy of discussion. The name is taken and has nothing to do with the new concept."

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