Countdown for the kulmbach beer week is running

Countdown for the kulmbach beer week is running

Festival host fritz rather had a nightmare these days: it’s beer week – and the tent is empty. In all likelihood, that won’t be the case, reassured markus stodden, spokesman for the board of kulmbacher brewery, as one of the two organizers at the beer tapping ceremony.

After more than a decade, stodden has enough experience of beer festivals – unlike his two colleagues on the board, jorg lehmann and otto zejmon, who are still fresh in their jobs. "Who has not yet participated in the beer week, has not really been in kulmbach", the mayor of kulmbach, henry schramm (CSU), was also the second organizer of the event.

One person who has been involved in many beer weeks is gunter limmer, who first took part as festival host in 1974. He is now 74 years old – and he still enjoys it, as he emphasized yesterday.

The mayor has also had enough experience with the beer tapping, and he performed the ceremonial act so quickly that he had to hold the hammer to the tap one more time for the photographers afterwards.

In addition to the representatives of the brewery, the festival hosts were also allowed to taste the first drops of the beer.
The "ball the "odd couple" also took away from the experience (manfred spindler and roland jonak), which gave the two new brewery board members a hefty french course.

That "cult also cultus" can beat, stressed landrat klaus peter sollner (). He even delayed the farewell of hans-werner fischer as head of the MGF high school, which began at the same time as the beer tapping ceremony, because of the importance of the beer week.

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