Club reacts to demographic change

Club reacts to demographic change

In the general assembly of the SV zeitlofs- rupboden the members were informed about the new orientation of the association. SV zeitlofs-rupboden without fubball – actually unthinkable. Since last year but bitter truth. In the 2018/2019 season, there will be no men’s soccer team and no syndicate. SV zeitlofs-rupboden no longer appears in any tables or results lists.

After the merger in 1993 of the two teams vfb rupboden and TSV zeitlofs a regular game operation was possible until 2013. But demographic change is causing particular problems for small associations. The club has already dealt with the issue in recent years and thought about how to counteract this and what alternatives they offer the members. Heino muller, one of three board members, said in his report: "we – the SV – are not just a soccer club, but – as the abbreviation SV suggests – a sports club. We want to be attractive to our members and also the village population and offer something for everyone. On the one hand, sporting activities of course, but on the other hand also cultural and events that call for the cultivation of camaraderie and village community." But you can’t do without fubball after all. The youngest footballers are accommodated in the neighboring club FV altengronau-jossa and can play there in their age groups. Some youth soccer players of the older age groups play in different teams in oberleichtersbach, romershag and detter. Further exists with FV altengronau-jossa a play community in the AH range. In the men’s area some members play in teams of altengronau, mottgers, oberzell, detter and bad bruckenau.

From the former two gymnastics groups for women there is only one group in zeitlofs, supervised by birgit ubelacker. The women’s gymnastics group rupboden, which was supervised by angelika schafer for over 37 years, disbanded at the end of 2018 for health reasons.

Proud of new department

We are also proud to announce the opening of a new department.

The "dance" children’s dance group, which was only founded in the summer of 2018, is one of the most important groups, led by selina moller and jenny noll, has in a very short time attracted 13 girls and one boy between the ages of five and eight, who like to move and have fun dancing. In the first carnival season, they have already made numerous appearances. A new bowling group has been established, which meets once a month for a few hours of fun.

In the past year, a canoe trip, bicycle tour, hike and game evenings were offered for the members. Besides a trip to the christmas market in meiningen, a stele-darts tournament was held for the first time. Events and formats have been established and have already become a fixed point in the annual calendar, says heino muller. The number of participants and visitors, but above all the positive feedback, shows that the club is on the right track. This does not mean, however, that one should rest on one’s laurels, but rather continue to try to lure one or the other out from behind the stove, to involve the younger generation even more and to be open to a breath of fresh air and new ideas.

For the membership of 25 years markus limpert was honored. Horst wagner, hans wagner and herbert strebl were honored with the golden club pin for 50 years of loyal club membership.

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