Anti-cc demonstration in coburg: right-wingers form up

Anti-cc demonstration in coburg: right-wingers form up

"For us, the CC is by no means a non-political association", it is said in a press release of the initiative "student unions". With the demonstration on saturday evening, the initiative wanted to draw attention to the sexist and nationalistic attitude of the CC in their opinion. This was a purely male association whose members repeatedly opposed gender equality.
Saturday’s protests began with a kick-off rally at albertsplatz, from where the march, which was attended by around 150 mostly young women and men, moved on to an intermediary rally in the direction of marktplatz (market square). The target of the march was the kongresshaus rosengarten, where the CC was holding its festive ball that evening. To prevent the demonstrators from reaching the entrance to the congress center, the police set up barriers.
Both the organizers and the police confirmed that the demonstration took place without any major incidents. Only in the run-up there were, according to the police, three preliminary arrests for insulting public officials. With the high police presence and strict controls, clashes between the left-wing demonstrators and participants of the whitsun congress were successfully avoided.
Since the demonstrators had carried side banners, which had been strictly forbidden by the public order office and the police, the police had to stop the train for a short time. Head of operations joachim mittelstadt justified this with the fact that one knows from experience that behind such side banners hidden bottles could be thrown or fireworks could be rounded up.
The organizers of the protests considered the police’s excessive use of force as "unacceptable", as it says in another press release from sunday.

Since the police had permanently accompanied the demonstration closely, the effect of the attack had been limited.
"This behavior on the part of the police and the authorities does not lead to more security, but only serves to incarcerate the participants, A spokesman for the initiative criticized. Despite these restrictions, the demonstration was a powerful protest against the CC and fraternities in general.
The organizers themselves speak of "about 200 antifascists", who protested against the coburg convention ("CC") in the coburg city center on saturday evening. On the fringes of the demonstration, members of the extreme right-wing scene were also seen time and again. However, apart from minor verbal skirmishes, there were no incidents.

At the intermediate rally at the market square and in front of the starting points loreley and ratskeller, CC members were urged to distance themselves from extreme right-wing ties.

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